STEAM Gallery

STEAM is a platform to accelerate the transformation towards smart circular economy through knowledge convergence, skills and mindset training, and youth entrepreneurship practice.


WiCAS (Women in Circuits and Systems) Session at IEEE APCCAS 2019

Indo Data Week 2019

Rural Development and Food Security Forum 2019

KMUTT Roundtable 1 "Food Circularity"

KX Venture Building

Executive Coaching on Strategic Communication for KMUTT

FI Academy Food Talks #9

STEAM Platform partners with ADB

Nanograd 2019

Asia Clean Energy Forum 2019

Regional STEM Symposium 2019

STEAM - A Driver of a Circular Economy

G-ICAN 2019

Data Science Bootcamp for Sustainability & Hackathon

FesTalk 2018

11th NanoTrust conference

Asian Youth Forum 2018

iCAN 2018