11th NanoTrust conference

Venue: Austrian Academy of Sciences (OEAW),Vienna Austria
Date: 31 Oct - 1 Nov 2018

STEAM-KMUTT co-organized 11th Nanotrust workshop entitled "Advanced materials and Circular Economy" with Institute of Technology Assessment (ITA), Austrian Academy of Sciences (OEAW) in Vienna Austria during Oct 31st to Nov. 1st, 2018. The delegates from KMUTT presented topics on various key research areas such as Food Technology, Biogas Technology, Life Cycle Analysis, Biorefinery, Supply Chain Management, and Eco- Design as well as STEAM Platform for accelerating the smart circular economy transformation. Furthermore, KMUTT's R&D capabilities and innovations in Circular Economy were presented that were holistically mapped by the STEAM team, as aforementioned. This was the first of its kind global event where 30% youth delegates from KMUTT were given an opportunity to speak at the global platform. The impressive presentations of KMUTT delegates were complimented by the Austrian counterparts and they manifested high interest towards innovative research of KMUTT.

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