International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Green Technology 2019 (SEGT 2019)

Venue: Millennium Hilton Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand
Date: 12 - 13 Dec 2019

STEAM PLATFORM team participated in the SEGT2019 as volunteers together JGSEE( team to support the logistics of various sessions.

STEAM PLATFORM also partnered with JGSEE and UNEP in organizing 3 special sessions on Circular Economy

Here is highlighted for this event
Prof.Shabbir Gweewala, Head of Life Cycle Assessment Lab of JGSEE presented a UNEP-JGSEE joint-paper on "Life Cycle Costing and Life Cycle Assessment on Sustainable Public Procurement and Circular Economy" on Dec. 12th, 2019.
Dr. Lerwen LIU, Founding Director of STEAM Platform, presented a UNEP-KMUTT joint paper on "The Role of Digital Technology for Circular Economy and Youth Leadership" on Dec. 13th, 2019.
Dr. Awassada Phongphiphat presented a UNEP-JGSEE joint paper on "Combating Plastics Pollution and Marine Litter Through Sustainable Public Procurement and Circular Economy" on Dec. 13th, 2019

This especial Circular Economy event calls for individual action and changing consumer behavior to reduce waste and reduce carbon footprint. It also stresses the importance of alignment and partnerships among different stakeholders and developing life cycle thinking and assessment, the adoption of digital technologies especially monitoring and data analytics is critical for enforcement of regulations and advancing the transformation towards a circular economy.

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